In the end we are all just people, lost in the idea of a perfect world. A perfect world which, sorry to burst your bubble, but does not exist. That’s why you, me and anyone else who came searching for it, never found it.

Don’t you ever wonder how sometimes you are so happy, but you can hardly take it? Your heart beats faster, your breathing gets heavier and you just scream and cry from happiness. Imagine feeling that every day, all day long. That is supposedly the perfect world, excitement, joy, anticipation, but you can’t take it, can you? Even if you can, even if you think you can, what’s the point of having it? After a while you won’t be able to enjoy and appreciate any of it. Shortly, you’ll start missing the chaos, not knowing what will happen next. These are the stages that will cause you massive anxieties, panic attacks, paranoia and depression. But if you embrace them the right way, if you embrace the unknown in them, they can teach you a lifetime’s worth of lessons.

I guess what I’m trying to say is to embrace the fact that you are scared right now. I know it sucks and I know you think you’d rather have everything figured out, everything planned, but where is the fun in that? Hold on in there, in the chaos of the unknown, that’s where everything is possible.

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